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3D Laser Galvo Scanner Head G3-3D Series

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  • Unit Price: : Negotiable
  • Application: 3D Laser Marking,laser Engraving...
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Terms of Payment:: T/T, Paypal,Credit Card
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    High Precision and High Speed Galvanometer Scanning Head for Laser Marking, Welding, Cutting...

    G3 3D laser galvo scanning system is designed for high-precision and high focus shifting range, integrating data acquisition, data processing, electronic control, mechanical follower, optical imaging, optical compensation, optical scanning, and other functions.G3 3D adopts JCZ's self-developed focus shifting axis module, with faster response, faster and more stable focus shifting. Adopting various anti-interference methods, it has strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, good linearity, high repetition accuracy, and short response time. G3 3D adopts integral structure, small size, lightweight, and good sealing to ensure stability under a long time working condition.

    The Ezcad3 software and DLC controller, used with G3 3D galvo scanner adopts an advanced point-by-point tracking dynamic laser beam compensation algorithm. The whole system can achieve a small focal spot, wide scanning field, and high flexibility.

    G3 3D scanning system is suitable for complex surface processing, 3D deep engraving, high power cutting, drilling, laser microfabrication, 3D applications, laser rapid prototyping, etc. With proper mirror coating and an F-theta lens, it can process various materials such as metal, leather, rubber, wood, bamboo products, tile, plastic, marble, jade, etc.

    Sample Pictures


    Scanner Marking Speed 4000mm/s Positioning Speed 10000mm/s
    Tracking Error 0.25ms Nonlinearity <3.5mrad/ 44°
    1% Full scale ≤0.4ms Gain Drift <50PPM/K
    Offset Drift <15μrad/k Drift over 8h <0.3mrad
    Scan Angle ±0.35rad Mirror Aperture 10mm
    Basic Interface XY2-100 Working Temp 25℃±10℃
    Power ±15VDC,3A Wavelenght 1064nm/
    532nm/ 355nm
    Z AXIS Input Aperture 7mm/ 3mm Beam Ratio 1.4/ 3
    Focus Range ±30mm Marking Area 150mm
    (Replaceable F-theta lens)

    Product Dimension

    3D Product Dimension

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