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Continuous Wave Fiber Laser – Raycus Single-Module 300W-2000W

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  • Country of Origin: China
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    Raycus CW Fiber Laser 250W, 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W

    The third-generation single-module CW (continuous wave) fiber laser developed by Raycus laser covers average output powers from 300W to 2000W. The new generation laser has advantages like high electro-optic conversion efficiency, good beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, high reliability, long lifespan, and maintenance-free.

    It adopts an optimized second-generation optical fiber transmission system to ensure a more stable and more precise cutting effect in the cutting of thick plates.

    The CW laser can be applied to a variety of applications like laser cutting, welding, punching, scribing, 3D printing, and other fields. The sheet cut has a narrow slit and a bright cross-section, which has obvious advantages over the other laser. The single-module continuous wave fiber laser series products are completely developed and produced by Raycus Laser independently.

    The development of single-module continuous wave fiber laser can not only meet the diverse needs of customers but also provide personalized professional customized services. At present, the output connector of the laser is QBH, which is more convenient for customers to integrate. At the same time, it has multiple control modes, and its good compatibility has been widely recognized by the market.


    1. High electro-optical conversion efficiency.
    2. Fiber cable length customizable.
    3. Air/water cooling optional.
    4. Efficient metal sheet cutting.
    5. Wide frequency range.
    6. Anti-reflection.
    7. Maintenance Free.

    Main Applications

    1. Precision Laser Cutting
    2. Metal Laser Scribing
    3. Laser Metal Welding
    4. Surface Treatment
    5. Laser Sheet Drilling
    6. 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping

    Why buy from JCZ?

    1.Close Partnership with Raycus

    In partnership with Raycus, we get an exclusive price and service.

    2. Competitive Price

    JCZ gets the exclusive lowest price as a close partner, with hundreds of annually ordered laser. Therefore, an competitive price can be offered to customers.

    3. One-stop Service

    It is always a headache issue for customers if the main parts like a laser, galvo, laser controller are from different suppliers when need support. Buying all the main parts from one reliable supplier seems to be the best solution and obviously, JCZ is the best option.

    4. Customized Service

    JCZ is not a trading company, we have more than 70 professional laser, electrical, software engineers, and 30+ experienced worker in the production department. Customized services like customized inspection, pre-wiring, and assembly are available.


     Model RFL-C300L RFL-C500 RFL-C750 RFL-C1000 RFL-C1500S RFL-C2000S
    Optical Properties
    Average Output Power 250 500 750 1000 1500 2000
    Central Wavelength(nm) 1080±5
    Operation Mode CW/Modulate
    Max.Modulation Frequency 20 5
    Output Power Stability <3%
    Red Laser Yes
    Output Characteristics
    Terminal Type QBH (Customizable)
    Beam Quality(M2) 1.1 1.3 2.1-2.7
    Polarization State Random
    Delivery Cable Length (m) 15 (Customizable) 20 (Customizable)
    Electrical Characteristics
    Power Supply
    200-240,Single Phase 340-420,
    ThreePhase-five Wire Connect
    Three Phase-four Wire Connect
    Control Mode RS232/AD/
    RS232/ AD/Super Terminal
    RS232/ AD
    Power Range (%) 10-100
    Power Consumption (W) 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000
    Other Characteristics
    Dimensions/(mm)/width"height *depth) 485X663X237(handle included) 986X620X520(handle、
    trundle、air conditioner included)
    Weight(kg) <50 <80
    Cooling Water Cooling
    Operating Temperature (°C) 10-40

    Product Dimension



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