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China SLA 3D UV Laser Printer Machine With Resin

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Additive Manufacturing Stereolithography 3D UV Laser Printing Machine with Curable Resin

Stereolithography (SLA) is a type of additive manufacturing method with 355nm ultraviolet laser light. It uses the galvo scanner to reflect a UV laser beam to burn the curable resin selectively layer by layer to make it solid.

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Model SLA-300 SLA-450 SLA-450 SLA-600 SLA-800
Print size 250*250*180mm 400*400*250mm 500*500*300mm 600*600*400mm 800*800*400mm
Print speed 100g/h 100g/h 100g/h 100g/h 100g/h
Scanner JCZ-GO5 cube 10 cube 10 cube 10 cube 10
Scan speed 5m/s 6-15m/s 6-15m/s 6-15m/s 6-15m/s
Procision ±0.1mm (L<100mm)     ±L*0.1% (L≥100mm)
Thickness Depend on the thichness of the files (0.03-0.15mm)
Laser Inngu / Huaray / Bellin 3W
OS Win10 64bit
Software JCZ-SLA
Files SLC
Temperature 20-30℃
Power 220-240V AC/50HZ
Variable spot NO Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spot size 0.12mm Large size : 0.12-0.20mm
Small size: 0.08-0.12mm
Materials All Type of Resins
Materials Parameter Adjust the Parameters depend on the Resin

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