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EZCAD3 Laser Marking Software

Short Description:

  • Unit Price: Negotiable
  • Terms of Payment: 100% in Advance
  • Payment Method: T/T, Paypal, Credit Card...
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: 2D and 3D Laser Marking, Laser Welding, Laser Cutting, Laser Labeling, Laser Engraving, Laser Drilling...
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    EZCAD3 Laser and Galvo Control Software for Laser Marking, Etching, Engraving, Cutting, Welding...

    EZCAD3 works with DLC2 series laser controller, with the ability to control most types of lasers (Fiber, CO2, UV, Green, YAG, Picosecond, Femtosecond...) in the market, with brands like IPG, Coherent, Rofin, Raycus, Max Photonics, JPT, Reci, and Dawei...
    As for laser galvo control, till Jan 2020, it is compatible with 2D and 3D laser galvo with XY2-100 and SL2-100 protocol, from 16 bits to 20 bits, both analogical and digital.
    EZCAD3 inherits all the functions and features of EZCAD2 software and equipped with the most advanced software and laser control technologies. Now it is widely verified and adapted by global laser system manufacturers on their laser machines, which is with laser galvo.

    New Features Comparing with EZCAD2

    1. 64 bits Software Kernel

    With 64 software kernel, a larger size of the file can be loaded to EZCAD3 much faster without any crash and the software data processing time is much shorter.

    3. Four Axis Control

    With DLC2 series controllers, EZCAD3 is capable to control maximum of 4 motors driven by pulses/direction signals for industrial automation.

    5. Remote Control Via TCP IP

    EZCAD3 software can be controlled by commands sent through TCP IP.

    7. High-Speed MOF

    Better software calculation enables faster marking speed comparing with EZCAD2. Special functions are developed for high-speed coding and texting.

    9. Gradual Power Up/Down Control

    gradual laser power up/down can be controlled precisely for special applications.

    2. STL Slicing

    With DLC2 series controller, 3D format file STL can be loaded to EZCAD3 and sliced precisely. With the slicing function, 2D deep engraving ( Engraving a 3D STL file on a 2D surface) can be done easily with 2D laser galvo and motorized Z lift.


    4. 3D Processing

    With the DL2-M4-3D controller and 3 axis laser galvo, laser processing on the 3D surface can be reached.

    6. Offline Processing

    Maximum 8 files can be stored inside the flash of the control board and selectable by IO.

    8. Software SDK/API

    EZCAD3 software secondary development kit/API is available for system integrators to make a customized software.

    10. Gradual Speed Up/Down Control

    gradual speed power up/down can be controlled precisely.


    Which laser controller works with EZCAD3?

    DLC2-M4-2D and DLC2-M4-3D controller was developed for EZCAD3 laser software. The main difference between these two boards is to be able to control 3 axis laser galvo or not.

    What is the licensing method of EZCAD3?

    EZCAD3 uses licence+encryption dongle (Bit Dongle) to protect the software. One license can be maximum activated 5 times, and the dongle must be inserted when using.

    How to upgrade to EZCAD3 from EZCAD2?

    To upgrade to EZCAD3, you need to upgrade the laser controller as well. If you are not seeking for doing 3D marking, then DLC2-M4-2D will be ok.

    How to make the job files of EZCAD3 without connecting controller?

    If you have the license, EZCAD3 can be open and the job files can be saved.


    Basic Software EZCAD3.0
    Software Kernel 64 bits
    Operation System Windows XP/7/10, 64 bits
    Controller Structure FPGA for laser and galvo control, DSP for data processing.
    Control Compatible  Controller DLC2-M4-2D DLC2-M4-3D
    Compatible Laser Standard: fiber
    Interface board for other types of laser
    DLC-SPI: SPI laser
    DLC-STD: CO2, UV, green laser...
    DLC-QCW5V: CW or QCW laser requires 5V control signals.
    DLC-QCW24V: CW or QCW laser requires 24V control signals.
    Note: Lasers with some brands or models may need special control signals.
    A manual is needed to confirm the compatibility.
    Compatible Galvo 2 axis galvo 2 axis and 3 axis Galvo
     Standard: XY2-100 protocol
    Optional: SL2-100 protocol,16 bit,18 bits, and 20 bits galvo both digital and analogical.
    Extending Axis Standard: 4 axis Control  (PUL/DIR Signals)
    I/O 10 TTL Inputs, 8 TTL/OC Outputs
    CAD Filling Background filling, annular filling, random angle filling, and cross filling.
    maximum 8 mixed fillings with individual parameters.
    Font Type Ture-Type font,Single-Line font,DotMatrix font,SHX font...
    1D Barcode Code11, Code 39, EAN, UPC, PDF417...
    New types of 1D Barcode can be added.
    2D Barcode Datamatix, QR Code, Micro QR Code, AZTEC CODE, GM CODE...
    New types of 2D Barcode can be added.
    3D File STL, DXF...
    Dynamic Content Fixed text, date, time, keyboard Input, jump text, listed text, dynamic file
    data can be sent via Excel, Text file, serial port, and Ethernet port.
    Other Functions Galvo Calibration Internal calibration,
    3X3 point Calibration and Z-axis calibration.
    Red Light Preview
    Password Control
    Multi-File Processing
    Multi-Layer Processing
    STL Slicing
    Camera Viewing Optional
    Remote Control Via TCP IP
    Parameter Assistant
    Stand Alone Function
    Gradual Power UP/Down Optional
    Gradual Speed UP/Down Optional
    Industrial 4.0 Laser Cloud Optional
    Software Library SDK Optional
    PSO Function Optional
    2D Laser Marking
    Marking on The Fly
    2.5D Deep Engraving
    3D Laser Marking
    Rotary Laser Marking
    Split Laser Marking
    Laser Welding with Galvo
    Laser Cutting with Galvo
    Laser Cleaning with Galvo
    other laser applications with Galvo. Please consult our sales engineers.

    EZCAD2 Download Center

    EZCAD3 Software Download


    EZCAD3 Software Manual Download

    EZCAD3-2020 Manual

    EZCAD3 Software Driver Download


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  • 1. Can EZCAD3 software work with EZCAD2 controller boards?

    EZCAD3 software only work with DLC series controller.

    2. How can I upgrade EZCAD2 to EZCAD3?

    You current controller must be changed to DLC series controller, and the cable must be rewired due to different pinmap.

    3. What is the difference between EZCAD3 and EZCAD2?

    The diferences are highlighted on the catalog. EZCAD2 now has been stopped due to technical reasons. JCZ now is focusing on EZCAD3 and add more functions to EZCAD3.

    4. What application can be done with EZCAD3?

    EZCAD3 can be used from various laser applications as long as the machine is with galvo scanner.

    5. Can I save job files without connecting controller board?

    Once the software is activated. It is not necessary to connect controller for do the designing and saving.

    6. How many controllers can be connected to one PC, one software?

    Maximum 8 controllers can be controlled at same time by one software. It is an special version.