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SLM | SLA | SLS 3D Laser Printing Controller

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    3D Laser Printing Controller for SLM, SLS, SLA...

    DLC-3DP 3D laser printing controller is developed for SLM, SLS and SLA. It can control laser galvo scanners with XY2-100 (16-bit), XY2-100 (18-bit), SL2-100 (20-bit) and most types of laser in the market like fiber, CO2, UV, YAG, QCW,SPI...



    Application SLA、SLS
    Connection Method USB2.0
    Support Laser CO2, Fiber, UV, SPI, QCW...
    Scanhead Type XY2-100(16Bit), XY2-100(18Bit), SL2-100
    Input Signal 10 Input
    Output Signal 8 Output
    Extension Axis 4-Channel Pulse/ Direction Signal
    Analog Signal 4 In 4 Out (Receive Sensor Feedback)
    Operation System 64 Bit
    Power Supply 24V/3A
    Support STL file import for slicing;
    Support sensor data reading real-time adjustment liquid position;
    Support air pump control;
    Support for adjustment of each extended axis parameter;
    Support the provision of standard software, development libraries,
    secondary development.


    What materials does the 3D-P laser printing system support?

    Common materials such as resin and iron powder,
    If you need other information, please contact our sales

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    2D Drawing

    3D printing

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