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About Us


Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JCZ," stock code 688291) was founded in 2004. It is a recognized high-tech enterprise, dedicated to laser beam delivery and control related research, development, manufacturing, and integration. Besides its core products EZCAD laser control system, which is at the leading position in the market both in China and abroad, JCZ is manufacturing and distributing various laser-related products and solution for global laser system integrators like laser software, laser controller, laser galvo scanner, laser source, laser optics... Till the year of 2024, we had 300 members, and more than 80% of them were experienced technicians working in the R&D and technical support department, providing reliable products and responsive technical support.

High Quality

With our first-class production procedures and strict quality control during the whole production process, all the products arrived at our customer's office are nearly zero defects. Each product has its own inspection requirements, only the product manufactured by JCZ, but those produced by our partners as well.

Total Solution

In JCZ, more than 50% of employees are working in the R&D department. We have a team of professional electrical, mechanical, optical, and software engineers and have invested in several well-known laser companies, which enables us to offer a complete solution for industrial laser processing field within a short time.

Excellent Service

With our experienced technical support team, responsive online support can be offered from 8:00 Am to 11:00 Pm UTC+8  time from Monday to Sunday. 24 hours online support will also be possible after JCZ US office is established in the near future. Also, our engineers have long-term Visa for countries in Europe, Aisa, and North America. On-site support is also possible.

Competitive Price

JCZ's products are at the leading position in the market, especially for laser marking, and a large number of laser parts(50,000 sets+) are sold every year. Based on this, for the products we produced, our production cost is at the lowest level, and for those supplied by our partner, we get the best price and support. Therefore, a very competitive price can be offered by JCZ.



We started the cooperate with JCZ in 2005. It was a very small company at that time, only around 10 people. Now JCZ is one of the most famous companies in the laser field, especially for laser marking.

- Peter Perrett, Laser system integrators based in the UK.

Not like other Chinese suppliers, we are keeping a very close relation with JCZ international team, sales, R&D, and support engineers. We met with two months for training, new projects, and drinking.

- Mr. Kim, Founder of Korean laser system company

Everyone in JCZ I know is very honest and always put customers' interest first. I am doing business with JCZ international team for nearly 10 years now. 

- Mr. Lee, CTO of one Korea laser system company

EZCAD is nice software with powerful functions and a user-friendly interface. And the support team is always helpful. I just report my technical issue to them, they will fix within a very short time.

- Josef  Sully, A EZCAD user based in Germany. 

In the past, I bought controllers from JCZ and other parts from other suppliers. But now, JCZ is my solo supplier for laser machines, which is very cost-effective. Most importantly, they will test all the parts one time more before shipping to make sure no defect when it comes to our office.

- Vadim Levkov, A Russian laser system integrator.

To protect the privacy of our customers, the name we used is a virtual one.