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Short Description:

JCZ 3D laser printer control system contains software (SLA software/ SLS/SLMLibrary) and hardware (DLC-3DP 3D printing controller), which can be applied on SLA, SLS and SLM 3D printer, with low cost and high compatibility.

  • Unit Price: Negotiable
  • Terms of Payment: 100% in Advance
  • Payment Method: T/T, Paypal, Credit Card...
  • Country of Origin: China
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    3D Printing Software for SLA, Software Library for SLM and SLS

    JCZ SLA 3D printing software works with the DLC-3DP laser controller, compatible with most types of industrial lasers like Fiber, UV, YAG...And for laser galvo, it works perfectly with XY2-100 and SL2-100 protocol, 16 bits, 18bits, and 20bits.

    With our DLC-3DP controller, For SLA, we are offering a standard SLA software, and the source code the SLA software is also available.

    For SLM and SLS, we are offering the software library, which our SLA software is based on. Customers can develop their own SLM or SLS 3D printing software.

    It integrates scanhead, laser control, motion control and sensor feedback;
    Provide development library, software SDK, software is easy to learn;
    Support software and hardware custom development;
    Simplify machine wiring and reduce production costs.Support STL file import for slicing;
    Support sensor data reading real-time adjustment liquid position;
    Support air pump control;
    Support for adjustment of each extended axis parameter;
    Support the provision of standard software, development libraries,
    secondary development.

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