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Thin/Thick Film Resistor Laser Trimming Machine – TS4210 Series China

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Versatile Resistor Trimming Machine For Thin and Thick Film Circuit

TS4210 series laser trimming machine is designed and developed by SharpSpeed Precision (A 100% held subordinate company of JCZ) for the functional trimming market. It can perform precise laser trimming on the relevant parameters of various thin-film/thick film integrated circuits. It is suitable for laser trimming of pressure sensors, current sensors, photoelectric sensors, chargers, attenuators, and other products.

Main Features

◆The equipment can realize the precise adjustment of integrated circuit parameters, such as resistance, voltage, current, cycle, frequency, etc.;
◆Self-developed multi-channel measuring system (up to 96 channels), high accuracy, high speed, stable and reliable; applicable to a variety of thick film materials;
◆Can be matched with different specifications of the probe board connector, compatible with all types of standard probe board; flying probe measuring structure is customizable to meet the special tuning needs;
◆High precision X/Y module with pneumatic clamping platform structure to meet the requirements of different product sizes and the clamping platform has an adjustable rotation angle and height;
◆It has independent intellectual property rights of the trimming software, with a user-friendly interface and easy to operate. And the coaxial CCD system for automatic alignment is also integrated.
◆Flexible and easy self-programming function to meet personalized trimming requirements, easy to save, recall, modify, which has greatly improved the efficiency of mass production;
◆A variety of adjustable resistance cutting knife types: single knife, L knife, swept surface, U knife, and random dotting mode to meet a variety of process requirements.
◆It supports batch import and export of trimming data, which is convenient for production processing and quality control management;
◆The GPIB expansion interface is reserved, which can be connected to external measuring equipment for other functions;
◆Automatic loading and unloading mechanism is equipped, which greatly improves the efficiency of mass production;

Product Picture


Measuring System
Trimming Range 1.0 - 1.0MΩ (High and low resistance optional)
Trimming Precision ±0.3%
Measuring Precision Low Resistance(<50Ω): ±0.02%(±0.5%/R)
Medium Resistance: ±0.02%
High Resistance(>50Ω): ±0.02%(±0.1%/M)
Optical Parameters
Laser Wavelength 1064nm (532nm & 355nm optional)
Scanning System High precision and speed scan head.
Working Field 100*100mm
Precision Resolution 1.5um
Repeat Positioning Precision 2.5um
Beam Size 20-30um
Measuring Card Channel Maximum 96 Pin
Software O/S WIN7/10
Power Supply 110V/220V,50/60Hz
Gas Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Operation Temperature 24±4℃
Machine Size 1845*1420*1825mm

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Laser Trimming Machine
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