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Thin Film Resistance Adjustment Machine – J3335D

Short Description:

Thin Film Ohmic Laser Trimming & Cutting Machine - J3335D Series Wafer, MEMS, Thin Film Sensor, Resistor Laser Trimming & Cutting Machine

  • Unit Price: Negotiable
  • Terms of Payment: 100% in Advance
  • Payment Method: T/T, Paypal, Credit Card...
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Detail

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    Description & Introduction

    The TS3335D-I series multifunctional laser trimming machine is suitable for tuning of various thin-film circuits, such as inertial gyroscopes, high-precision resistors, analog ICs, and precision laser trimming of thin-film sensors.

    The TS3335D-II series wafer-level laser trimming machine is suitable for trimming of semiconductor wafers and various high-precision MEMS devices.

    Product Pictures

    Equipment Features

    1: Utilizes peak pulse ultraviolet laser with a wavelength of 355nm for trimming.

    2: Continuous and controllable high-stability laser power.

    3: Achieves precise position control through video image automatic positioning technology.

    4: Rich definition of trimming and cutting trajectories.

    5: Can communicate with external devices automatically through various communication interfaces such as network,
    GPIB, and serial port for automatic trimming.

    6: Utilizes high-precision X-Y worktable for stepwise repetitive automatic trimming of multiple workpieces.

    7: Onboard integrated measurement and control or external expandable measurement system.

    8: Interfaces with various automation platforms through a rich set of 10 interfaces.


    Model TS3335D - I TS3335D - II
    Laser Wavelength 355 nm 355 nm
    Nominal Laser Power > 2 W > 1 W
    Beam Diameter 10 - 15 μm 4 - 5 μm
    Scanning Speed 0 - 6000 mm/s, continuously adjustable 0 - 6000 mm/s, continuously adjustable
    X-Y Table Travel 200*300 mm 200*300 mm
    X-Y Table Repeat Positioning Accuracy ± 1 μm ± 1 μm

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