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Premium EZCAD 2.0&3.0 Support Package


Check this page when you need any support related to EZCAD laser marking software or laser marking related issues. JCZ offers the best solution.

EZCAD Laser Marking Software Support

To all EZCAD users,

In 2019, numerous EZCAD users contacted JCZ for support, and the number is growing very fast.

We are always happy to help, but in 2020, our technical support capacity is becoming more and more insufficient.

Therefore, we launched this ''support package'', with a cost of 300USD, to hire and train more laser engineers to offer premium support to end users globally.

It is highly suggested to ask support from the machine supplier or get the premium support from JCZ.


What is inside the "Premium EZCAD Support Package"?

1. 3-month premium support of EZCAD software, guaranteed reply within 12 hours via email, Wechat, or Skype.

2. Lifetime software/driver/manual upgrade.

3. 1-years standard support by JCZ's experienced engineers.

Start to get supported by JCZ engineers by clicking the Paypal payment icon below.

Thank you for your understanding!

Post time: Dec-29-2019