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JCZ Technology shortlisted for Prism Awards

Prism Award 2021 Finalist

JCZ Technology, a leader in the field of beam transmission and control, has been selected as a finalist for the Prism Award, the highest honor in the global optoelectronics industry, for its" EZCAD laser processing software The Prism Award was established in 2008 by SPIE and Photonics Media, and is known as the "Oscar of the photonics industry". It aims to recognize new inventions and products in the fields of optics, photonics and imaging science that have made innovative breakthroughs, solved real-life problems and improved life through optical technology, and is considered the highest honor for business development in optics and photonics.

JCZ Technology, as a national high-tech enterprise, has been deeply engaged in the field of laser control for seventeen years.  Through the R&D team's continuous refinement and improvement for users' needs, each product is ahead of its peers and trusted by users, and also warmly respected by customers.

EZCAD laser processing software can meet all kinds of laser processing needs, and can be easily integrated with other hardware such as vision, robotics, and sensing systems. It makes laser processing "easy" for the user, making the laser machine  more of a "common tool" than a "high-tech device". EZCAD is one of the most used products in the laser control field and has become the industry benchmark, defining the "habits" and "standards" of users. "This "habit" and "standard" are expanding to other laser processing fields with a very high penetration rate.

In the future, JCZ Technology will continue to innovate technology, continue to build the "beam transmission and control" technology platform, provide customers with "drive and control integration" products and total solutions, so that customers experience the extraordinary and value of laser processing. We are committed to continue to make the laser a simple tool to create more value for customers and society, and to become a globally competitive and influential "beam transmission and control expert".


Post time: Jan-07-2021