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JCZ Suzhou’s New Journey

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  On October 28, 2021, Suzhou JCZ successfully held the "New Journey of Suzhou JCZ and New Brilliance of Laser Industry Conference" in Qinshan Conference Center. JCZ's General Manager Lv Wenjie, Board Secretary Cheng Peng, and other relevant management, as well as 41 user companies, attended the meeting. Director Wang Youliang, Secretary-General Chen Chao, China Laser Processing Commission, President Shao Liang, Sunan Institute of Industrial Technology, Secretary-General Chen Changjun, Jiangsu Laser Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Director Yao Yongning, Deputy Director Yao Yidan, Investment Promotion Bureau of Suzhou High-tech Zone Science and Technology City Management Committee, etc. important guests attended the meeting. The conference focused on laser applications and technology. Experts exchanged and learned from each other, collided with each other, and sought in-depth cooperation. The conference created a good platform for leading the high-quality development and innovation of the industry and provided a good boost for the transformation and upgrading of China's laser manufacturing industry.

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Leader's Speech

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  At this conference, JCZ gave speeches on topics such as "Robot Laser Galvo Flying Welding", "Driving & Control Integrated Scanning Module", "Zeus-FPC Soft Board Cutting System", "Laser Printing & Coding System" and other topics. Deeply analyze the current situation of the laser industry, the pulse of the development of the laser industry, and discuss the cutting-edge issues and development trends of the laser industry

ICON2Robot laser galvo flying welding
  A new laser welding technology that gives new processing mode and application space by using the robot arm & laser oscillator for scanning welding. It meets a variety of requirements such as complex curved surfaces, large size workpieces, and multi-species flexible processing.
ICON2Driving & Control Integrated Scanning Module
  New driving-control integrated design, self-contained control system, focus on differentiated functionality, simplify external wiring, improve reliability, provide secondary development functions and more customizable services, and support JCZ Smart Factory. It can be used in automotive, medical equipment, high and low difference processing, mold processing, surface marking, etc.
ICON2Zeus-FPC flexible board cutting system
  Special marking software system for camera precision positioning processing, with precise positioning, online vibrating mirror correction, can set multiple stations, multiple layers, precision processing, and support for graphic editing functions. It is suitable for precision laser engraving, drilling, cutting, flexible circuit board cutting, chip processing, and inspection applications.
ICON2Laser Printing & Coding System
  Adopt LINUX system, integrating system and laser control in one. Adopt full-coverage metal housing, with high anti-interference ability. Commonly used in food, beverage, pipeline, pharmaceutical, and other industries for marking product date, anti-counterfeiting, product traceability, pipeline meter counting, and other applications.
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Suzhou JCZ Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

  Suzhou JCZ Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on October 26, 2020, in Suzhou High-tech Zone Science and Technology City. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd.


  At present, the parent company Beijing JCZ is actively planning for the listing on the Science and Technology Venture Board. After the listing, Suzhou JCZ will enter the "fast track" of development as the focus of JCZ Group, improve the training and introduction of talents, set up a research and development center, vigorously enhance technological innovation and research and development capabilities, accelerate the development speed of JCZ Group, and contribute to the development of the laser industry.


In the future, Suzhou JCZ will make full use of the market environment and opportunities in the laser industry, explore the advantageous resources within the company, strengthen the existing products and services, provide first-class products and high-quality services to the majority of system integrators, and jointly promote the development and progress of China's laser industry.

Post time: Nov-03-2021