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Director of COS-LPC, Youliang Wang Visited JCZ

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  On October 21, 2021, Wang Youliang, Director of Laser Processing Professional Committee of COS, and Secretary-General Chen Chao of the Laser Processing Professional Committee of COS visited Beijing JCZ Technology CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "JCZ") for mentoring and communication.

  Director Wang Youliang and his party visited the JCZ exhibition center accompanied by JCZ Chairman Ma Huiwen and General Manager Lv Wenjie, Director Wang Youliang fully affirmed the achievements of JCZ in software development, laser processing, and other applications.

  In the symposium, firstly, general manager Lv Wenjie expressed his gratitude to Director Wang Youliang and his party for visiting JCZ; then, general manager Lv Wenjie introduced the growth and development history, product technology features, production and operation status, and future development plan of JCZ. Director Wang Youliang fully affirmed the achievements of JCZ in technological innovation, achievement transformation, and industrial chain construction, and made strategic suggestions. Director Wang Youliang pointed out that JCZ has been providing technology power to the laser industry continuously during the 17 years of its establishment and development, especially in laser control products, laser processing software, flexible processing software, drive control integrated design, etc., with obvious advantages and rapid market development momentum.

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  JCZ has been deeply engaged in the field of beam transmission and control for seventeen years and is committed to the research and development of beam transmission and control systems to provide optimal solutions for system integrators and to help the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. Based on the existing technology, JCZ has invested resources to focus on the development of laser control software, Driving & Control Integrated Scanning Module, 3D printing control system, machine vision, laser flexible manufacturing, and other control technologies. We also integrate these unit technologies according to industry needs, thus providing customized laser processing solutions for 3C electronics, new energy battery, new energy automobile, photovoltaic, PCB, and other industries, and professional solutions for laser marking, laser precision cutting, laser precision welding, laser punching, laser 3D printing (rapid prototyping) and other application fields.

  In the future, JCZ will further integrate resources, make full use of the market environment and opportunities in the laser industry, explore the advantageous resources within the company, strengthen the existing products and services, provide the system integrators with first-class products and high-quality services, and jointly promote the development and progress of China's laser industry.

Post time: Nov-01-2021